Reset filters
Сurrent max [A]
0.25 1.70
Power input max [W]
27 353
Capacitor [μF/VDB]
Perm. amb. temperature [°С]
Sound pressure level [dB(A)]
60 74
Speed [RPM]
1340 4960
Frequency [Hz]
Casing material

Different fans for different systems – axial fans and blowers


Cooling fans have different makes and models, and they are engineered specifically for the systems they support. 

For example, AC axial fans  are designed to work with systems that have low back pressure and require less noise. These fans are quite common and are typically the most economical cooling fans. 

While AC blowers  are designed to work with systems that have high impedance. Blowers produce a more concentrated airflow in a system. As a result, they tend to generate a significant amount of noise.