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Size: 310–710 mm
Material: steel, powder coated in blue
Coatings: RAL 5007
Cover type: GL
Number of blades: seven (7)
Single-flow Operation Mode: S1
Fitting position: horizontal or vertical
Contents of delivery:
  • inlet ring with the ability to measure volumetric flow
  • screwed hub
  • clamping sleeve for a specific motor shaft
Min./Max. permissible ambient impeller temperature (transportable/ storage): –40°C… +80°C
Min. Ambient Temperature: –20°C
Max. Ambient Temperature: +80°C
Modification name ∅ D [mm] ∅ Dn [mm] H [mm] h [mm] ∅ Dh [mm] ∅ D1 [mm] ∅ D2 [mm] ∅ E1 [mm] ∅ D5 [mm] ZxW1° NxW2° ∅ Do [mm] ∅ d [mm] N Weight [kg]
KRR56A/SM20 644.2 363 229 156 140.3±0.1 190 9.5 6 19.2
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