Reset filters
Nominal voltage [VAC]
Power input max [W]
38 177
Capacitor [μF/VDB]
Perm. amb. temperature [°С]
Sound pressure level [dB(A)]
60 86
Current [A]
0.24 13.9
Power input [W]
53 4800
Speed [RPM]
680 3230
Frequency [Hz]
Сurrent max [A]
0.3 1.30

Why do people choose our centrifugal fan?

We all know, AC centrifugal fan  and EC centrifugal fan plays an importent role in many field, here I will introduce some features of our centrifugal fan .

l  Perfectly matched components (controller/motor/impeller)

l  High efficiency with improved ventilation technology and new EC motors

l  Extremely quiet running with optimized impeller air flow

l  Significantly reduced rotation noise

l  Unmatched compactness

l  Mechanical compatibility of AC and EC fans

l  EC fans with 2 speed levels or continuously adjustable

l  High power density

l  Rugged design and maintenance-free operation

l  Very easy commissioning

l  Fulfils ErP specifications