Fans in scroll casing get impellers with backward curved blades

Blauberg Motoren presents SL-B – a new series of centrifugal fans. These fans in scroll casings benefit from impellers with backward curved blades.

This proprietary design, which has just started to appear in the company's HVAC products, offers significant advantages. Compared to competitors with forward curved blades with identical air capacity rating fans with backward curved blades require less energy and generate less noise while offering better overall efficiency.

Besides being strong and rigid the casing made of galvanized sheet steel is also light and compact making installation so much easier.

Thanks to EC motors the new models are characterised with high performance and low noise levels. Furthermore, the fans feature user-friendly control interface, consume minimum energy and have an extensive service life.

The models of the series are intended for supply and exhaust ventilation systems as well as air conditioning systems of various commercial and industrial facilities.

  SL-B133A-EC-00 SL-B190B-ЕС-00 SL-B220C-ЕС-01
Air capacity: Up to 330 m³/h  Up to 580 m³/ h Up to 520 m³/h
Maximum Power: 60 W 83 W 82 W
Impeller diameter: 133 mm 175 mm 190 mm