Blauberg presents energy-saving ventilation technology at MCE Asia 2018

From 5 to 7 September 2018 the city of Singapore hosted Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE) Asia 2018 – the pinnacle event of the international HVAC industry.

Since 1960s the MCE series of exhibitions has grown into one of the largest international venues for showcasing cutting-edge technology and equipment for ventilation, air conditioning, heating and cooling.

Thousands of representatives of the private and government sector as well as scientists from Germany, Italy, China, Japan and other countries flocked to the event to exchange knowledge and experience, present state-of-the-art technology and equipment for sustainable construction and environmental development. The exhibition was primarily focused on innovations to achieve maximum energy efficiency and provide the healthiest occupational and environmental conditions.

At this year's MCE Asia Blauberg presented a number energy-saving ventilation products which have already become quite popular with European consumers. In particular, the booth featured a host of industrial ventilation products such as the Turbo EC and Centro ЕС energy-efficient duct fans, the Iso-Mix and Iso-V noise-insulated fans, the Axis-Q axial wall-mounted fan, the Box fan for rectangular air ducts as well as the latest addition to the company's range of smoke ventilation offerings – the Axis-Jet jet fan with a high fire resistance rating.

The visitors were also presented a number of de-centralised ventilation solutions such as the Vento Expert A50-1 W and Vento Expert DUO A30-1 W intelligent fans with remote control over WiFi. The FRESHBOX E-100 ERV air handling unit intended for ventilation of commercial and public spaces was the star attraction of the booth that the visitors just could not miss. This unit is equipped with an enthalpy-type heat exchanger which recycles the heat and moisture of the extract air and runs completely condensation-free.

A range of innovative energy-efficient products brought by the Blauberg team attracted a keen attention of the event visitors and kept the booth hosts busy answering all sorts of questions about the equipment on display. The visitors had a particular interest in the new KOMFORT EC D5B and KOMFORT EC S5B air handling units in expanded polypropylene casings.

The booth also featured rotary and plate heat exchangers by Zern Engineering including enthalpy heat exchangers with a heat recovery efficiency up to 90 %.

Blauberg Motoren presented centrifugal fans with backward curved blades and forward curved blades including the the new Zentri-PAC series as well as centrifugal double and single inlet fans in scroll casings.

Once again the cutting-edge energy-saving technology presented by Blauberg was highly appreciated by the event visitors. Taking part in this year's MCE Asia 2018 brought the company one step closer towards potential customers and paved way for exciting new partnerships.