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Introducing the new Zentri-PAC catalogue featuring a new line of state-of-the-art series of centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades by Blauberg Motoren. 

The models of this series were developed by the engineers of Blauberg Motoren R&D centre in Munich. The new fans offer a number of advantages including: 

  • High performance and low energy consumption achieved by utilising the latest-generation energy-efficient EC motor.
  • A revised impeller made of a high-tech composite polymer material for improved aerodynamic and acoustical performance.
  • A compact space-saving design.
  • All the new arrivals are compatible with the innovative Plug Fan mounting system which allows easy installation, simple maintenance and secure mounting at any angle.

Zentri-PAC series fans are available in 230 V and 120 V power mains variants with impeller diameters from 133 mm to 250 mm.

Detailed information about the new models is provided in the Zentri-PAC catalogue available on the company's official website at https://blauberg-motoren.com/catalogs