The Big 5 international expo: defining the future of the industry

The products offered under the Blauberg GroupBlauberg Ventilatoren, VENTS, Blauberg Motoren, and Zern Engineering – were presented at The Big 5 Dubai international expo, the largest HVAC exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa which took place from 26 through 29 October this year in Dubai.

Over the 4 days, thousands of industry professionals roamed the exhibition floors taking an active part in discussions shaping the future development strategy of the construction industry and its related sectors centred around the occupant comfort. The Big 5 is a dynamically evolving exhibition platform which sets the development vector for the industries of an entire region. This year visitors of the numerous booths had a chance to explore exciting new products, vote in startup contests and take part in a host of workshops and sessions.

The Big 5 2018 also marked a new milestone in the event history by running a dedicated HVAC R Expo 2018 showcasing products and technology for heating and cooling, ventilation and air conditioning. This is no surprise as favourable market drivers are supporting the long-term growth of Dubai’s construction activities which are influencing the demand for HVAC products. According to Josine Heijmans, The Big 5 portfolio director, UAE HVAC R industry is expected to be valued at US$1.45bn by 2019.

During The Big 5 days the Blauberg Group presented many updated and well-proven products under all of its brands.

Blauberg Motoren demonstrated a number of centrifugal fans including the company's latest Zentri-PAC plug fans equipped with EC motors. Compared to conventional cased fans these fans offer the benefits of convenient installation at an arbitrary angle, easy maintenance and a straight turbulence-free air flow. The fans are intended for modular air handling units, cooling systems of large server rooms, data centres, and supermarkets.

Blauberg Motoren is committed to introducing the global community to cutting-edge ventilation equipment and technology and supplying its partners with products which incorporate our extensive know-how and reflect diverse climatic requirements and specific national standards and regulations.