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Friends, if you take the Blauberg Motoren KRR Series impeller and combine it with the IR Series inlet ring and our powerful IE3 AC motor, you will get an unrivaled and highly efficient air handling unit - the AR Series, which we want to tell you about today.

The Blauberg Motoren plug fan AR Series is a cutting-edge air handling unit designed to elevate indoor air quality to unprecedented levels. This innovative system seamlessly combines advanced technology with exceptional efficiency, making it a game-changer for residential and commercial ventilation needs.


Thanks to a wide range of plug fan sizes, the AR series fits easily into any space while delivering high performance. The AR Series plug fans are designed by our highly skilled engineers to deliver the highest possible airflow rates while remaining energy efficient and as quiet as possible. The AR Series plug fans are available from 310 mm to 800 mm as standard, with the possibility of customized solutions, and can deliver up to 42000 m³/h, which you will agree is very good for this type of ventilation unit. The KRR series impeller and IR series confusor are made of welded sheet steel, while the frame is made of aluminum.

Thus, the Blauberg Motoren AR series is a versatile and efficient solution for maintaining optimal indoor air quality while significantly reducing energy consumption. The combination of advanced technology, environmental friendliness and user-friendliness makes it an excellent choice for those looking for first-class ventilation and air handling solutions.

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