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Now our clients can enjoy even still more convenient and comfortable installation and mounting of our plug fans. The specially designed Plug Fan systems for the fans with backward curved blades with the diameter up to 280 mm enables to attain the maximum speed, flexibility and compatibility of the product with your ventilation system.

Who may take advantage of this system?

First of all, our clients who set the following requirements: 

  • preserving current aerodynamic characteristics of the ventilation unit
  • simple mounting and fixation of the fans
  • easy replacement of any unit of the ventilation unit without the need to change location of the control system or any other components
  • both horizontal and vertical installation possibility for the same fan
  • fixation of the fan to a mounting panel which is protected against noise and vibration generated by the casing.

For more details about our products and its efficient application please refer to our sales office. You are welcome to contact us through contacts or please fill in the feedback form.