Introducing a brand-new “Axial fans” catalogue

The range of Blauberg Motoren axial fans has grown big enough for a dedicated catalogue which features a host of exciting new offerings alongside the company’s time-proven models.

The Axis-Q and Axis-F series fans are specifically designed for supply and exhaust ventilation systems of various spaces and can also be used in refrigeration for cooling condensing units. Axis-F fans with 200–300 mm impellers are designed for in-duct installation while Axis-Q fans with 200–400 mm impellers have wall mountings.

The BL family of axial fans has been extended with new exhaust models and now also includes fans with low-profile grilles and without grilles.

Compared to other types of fans axial fans have a number of advantages including energy efficiency and flexibility in application which have been duly appreciated by our numerous clients. Blauberg Motoren continues to extend its product portfolio which caters for a wide range of needs and requirements of users around the globe.