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How do we test the noise of our fans? 

Today we're going to tell you about our state-of-the-art reverberation chamber! Designed in accordance with international standards, it is the ideal tool for performing precise noise tests on Blauberg Group products.

This chamber is no ordinary room, it is a highly isolated space. Mounted on special polyurethane vibration isolators and with soundproof walls made of six layers of plasterboard, acoustic mineral wool and two layers of rubber sheeting, this chamber provides accurate noise measurements. Its soundproof door can absorb up to 42 dB of noise, providing a controlled environment for our research.

One of the chamber's unique features is its lack of parallel surfaces. Thanks to the different slopes of the walls, floor and ceiling, it minimizes reverberation time by reflecting and simultaneously absorbing sound waves from multiple surfaces.

Equipped with specialized microphones and a versatile handheld instrument that functions as a sound level meter, multichannel vibrometer, and sound spectrum analyzer, it provides accurate and reliable data. All equipment is carefully calibrated by our experts to ensure accurate results for your research needs.

This is how our products undergo the acoustic testing process. We send test reports with detailed information to each customer.