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Given the necessity of testing products in conditions that closely resemble real-life scenarios, fan manufacturers face the need to identify and rectify any possible malfunctions in their equipment under various temperature conditions. There are several testing options: conducting tests in real-time and real climatic conditions for one to two years or resorting to specialized laboratories capable of replicating specific climatic conditions.

Blauberg Motoren has made the decision to establish its own laboratory for functional testing of climate control equipment, adhering to all international standards. Planned – achieved.

The laboratory consists of four structural units: a climatic chamber, a testing room, equipment ensuring necessary parameters of the surrounding environment (refrigeration units, air-heating units, air humidifiers, etc.), and a control and monitoring dispatch post for tests.

The climatic chamber is a fully insulated space with a 15 cm insulation thickness, equipped with machinery that replicates temperature indicators of the external environment. To regulate air parameters, a refrigeration unit with an evaporator, condenser, and a compressor station with adjustable productivity is used, along with an air-heating unit of the AOV series equipped with sensors for measuring air temperature and humidity. Here, any climatic conditions can be created, ranging from a minimum temperature of -30°C to a maximum of +35°C, with humidity levels from 40 to 90% and atmospheric pressure up to 106.4 kPa. Within the chamber, tests are conducted for functionality and compliance with set parameters of electronics, automation, and various ventilation system components or fans 


The working parameters in the climatic chamber are provided by a compressor station with an evaporator-condenser circuit and an air-heating unit. Everything is assembled to the highest class using components and materials from leading manufacturers. Additionally, a water treatment system with heating devices, accumulation units, and hydraulic distribution/supply of the heat carrier for testing devices with water heating is installed in the testing room.

In this chamber, Blauberg Motoren's fans undergo all tests related to cold and heat. You can rest assured that our fans are truly reliable for your application fields.

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