Blauberg Ventilatoren equipment exhibited in Australia

Partner company Ventilation Solutions Australia presented the products offered under Blauberg Ventilatoren, Blauberg Motoren and Zern brands at ARBS 2018 Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services exhibition, the largest regional HVAC event in Australia and Oceania, held in Sydney, Australia, from 08 through 10 May 2018.

Ventilation Solutions Australia is the official distributor of Blauberg Group in Australia and New Zealand. The customers of Ventilation Solutions Australia have access to the entire range of Blauberg ventilation equipment – from domestic ventilation products to high-capacity industrial units, centralised and single-room air handling units with high heat recovery efficiency as well as AC and EC motors and heat exchangers suitable for various applications in HVAC-R.

As the HVAC market of the region still remains quite conservative customers faced with limited choices of ventilation equipment. Aiming at boosting energy efficiency and providing energy savings Blauberg Ventilatoren presented a number of new high-tech product offerings and state-of-the-art technology as well as time-proven ventilation solutions.

For example, the visitors of the Ventilation Solutions Australia display booth were presented the Komfort EC D5B 180-E S14 air handling unit, one of the company's latest technical gems. These air handling units are offered in expanded polypropylene casings. The heat recovery efficiency of the units reaches 98 % while EPP casings contribute to light weight and ease of installation. The units are equipped with enthalpy heat exchangers which generate zero condensation during operation and recycles heat energy and moisture of the transported air to ensure a comfortable microclimate in the serviced space.

The visitors were also introduced to the Blauberg Vento Expert series single-room air handling units which are extremely popular in Europe. The units reduce the load on air conditioning systems by recovering extract air heat and provide fresh air supply while the built-in filters remove contaminants and dust. These single-room units are characterised with simple installation which does not require any extra ductwork or special skills.

The products on display also included Turbo EC and Iso-Mix EC Industrial fans. These fans benefit from high-performance EC motors which combine excellent reliability, low noise and energy consumption.

Ventilation Solutions Australia demonstrated a range of Blauberg Motoren from the latest Zentri-PAC series. These centrifugal fans with backward curved blades also feature EC motors. The new motors are easy to install at any angle thanks to the innovative Plug Fan mounting system. Blauberg Motoren raised a keen interest among numerous industry professionals including manufacturers of air handling units, refrigerating equipment, air conditioners and other HVAC equipment.