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In late February 2018 the city of Seoul, South Korea, hosted HVAC Korea 2018: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Plumbing international trade fair. In addition to state-of-the-art air handling units the Blauberg display booth featured a range of single-room heat recovery units and a family of fans by Blauberg Motoren.

The visitors of HVAC Korea 2018 were fascinated by Blauberg VENTO Expert series single-room air handling units – especially the models equipped with ultrafine filters. Such units can drastically improve poor quality of air in flats and commercial spaces – a common problem in Korea. VENTO Expert units provide both fresh air supply and stale air extraction while the built-in heat exchangers help minimise energy bills.

The exhibition visitors also flocked around the latest offerings by Blauberg – the KOMFORT EC air handling units in expanded polypropylene casings. The company brought two variants of the units designed for both vertical and horizontal mounting. Being light-weight and compact, the new units are characterised with high heat recovery efficiency and low energy consumption. These air handling units can also be upgraded with the optional ultrafine filters.

The Blauberg booth featured the FRESHBOX E-100 ERV single-room energy-saving air handling units for public and commercial spaces. The units are equipped with enthalpy heat exchangers which generate zero condensation during operation and provide excellent energy efficiency.

The company also presented the Freshbox K350 unit which offers a budget-friendly single-room ventilation solution for public spaces. This unit combines outstanding energy efficiency with ease of installation and maintenance.

Numerous representatives of OEM companies had a keen interest in EC and АС fans, centrifugal fans with forward curved blades and axial fans by Blauberg Motoren. The visitors praised their quality and competitive pricing and explored possibilities for their applications in HRV units and free cooling systems.