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From 05 to 07 April 2018 the city of Islamabad hosted "Pakistan HVACR 2018" international expo and conference. Blauberg presented a wide range of industrial and domestic ventilation equipment at the event attended by numerous representatives of construction companies, architects, engineers, government officials and industry professionals.

The agenda of "Pakistan HVACR 2018" included a number of conferences and workshops which addressed such topics as "Renewable Energy and Efficiency" and "State-of-the art HVACR Technology, Design and Equipment". The Pakistani HVACR market is extremely lucrative due to large-scale state and private investments into the construction of residential buildings, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure projects.

All the Blauberg product families presented at the event were highly appreciated by representatives of development and installation companies. The products included the Turbo series mixed-type duct fans, the Centro centrifugal duct fans including the Centro-M EC model equipped with energy-efficient EC motors, the Blauberg Box centrifugal fans for rectangular air ducts and the Extero centrifugal exhaust fans.

The visitors also had a keen interest in the Axis series of duct fans and wall-mounted axial fans. These fans are used to move large air volumes in ventilation systems with low internal resistance. The high-performance S-Vent centrifugal fans with the maximum air capacity of 19,000 m³/h were also quite popular among the booth visitors.

The Blauberg products on display also included the Tower-V 225 2Е and Tower-H 280 2Е centrifugal roof fans.  These fans intended for installation on rooftops and in ventilation shafts are used for exhaust ventilation of industrial and commercial spaces.

The booth visitors highly regarded the Blauberg range of noise-insulated industrial fans such as the Iso-B 125 and Iso-V 355 4E centrifugal fans, and the Iso-Mix 315 mixed-type duct fan intended for industrial and commercial spaces with stringent noise requirements.

The company also presented the Iso-K 200 4Е noise-insulated fan designed for extracting hot stale air with temperatures up to 100 °С from commercial spaces such as kitchens or bakeries.