Blauberg presents latest ventilation equipment at ISH China&CIHE

From 22 to 24 2018 Blauberg took part in China & CIHE ISH – the largest heating, ventilation, air conditioning and construction technology exhibition in China.

Steady economic development and the increase of income per capita in China are the principal drivers of constantly growing requirements to comfort in domestic and commercial spaces. Consumers expect no less than state-of-the-art products and technology to maintain a healthy microclimate and address the problem of dirty air which is a highly pressing issue in China.

During the ISH China & CIHE 2018 days Blauberg showcased an entire spectrum of ventilation equipment featuring the latest technology. The presentation of the company's products spread over the booth of more than 200 m2. The display booth was zoned into 7 thematic areas each dedicated to a particular field of ventilation equipment application.

1.      "New arrivals"

This area featured the latest additions to the Blauberg range including the KOMFORT EC D5B180 and KOMFORT EC S5B270 air handling units in extruded polypropylene (EPP) casings. Being strong and flexible, this material retains the original shape and provides an excellent thermal and sound insulation. The light weight which is perfectly manageable by just one person makes the installation very easy.

2.      "Ventilation solutions for cottages, villas and houses" 

The visitors of the booth were presented the KOMFORT ROTO EC SE400 air handling unit.  This series is especially popular in China. The energy-efficient air handling units are equipped with rotary heat exchangers which generate zero condensation during operation. 

High performance and energy efficiency of a supply and exhaust ventilation system is directly related to quality air ducting. The unit on display was coupled with the BlauFast system of semi-rigid air ducts. The visitors who were offered a hands-on experience of the system components praised the system for its compact size and straightforward installation.

3.      "Solutions for supply and exhaust ventilation in flats"

This area featured the KOMFORT Ultra EC air handling unit. Being quite compact, the air handling unit is perfectly suitable for a kitchen, a toilet, a balcony or a closet.

4.      "Stylish ventilation solutions for small spaces"

The visitors of this area were presented the FRESHBOX and VENTO Expert single-room ventilation units.  These units offer an excellent solution for renovation or retrofitting of flats as they do not require laying a system of air ducts. This equipment was designed to ensure maximum occupant comfort while matching a wide variety of interiors.

5.      "Industrial ventilation"

This area introduced the visitors to the company's industrial ventilation solutions. The Centro-Jet fire-resistant centrifugal pulse fan for industrial spaces, tunnels, covered parking facilities and semi-open car parks as well as the BlauAIR air handling unit for supply and exhaust ventilation of office centres, hotels, supermarkets and other large facilities were in the focus of attention during the entire time of the exhibition.

6.      "Domestic exhaust ventilation"

Asian consumers have come to treat fans as an integral element of interior design while flats become more and more stylish and elaborate. Therefore, the company decided to bring a selection of designer variants of Blauberg Smart and Cabrio domestic fans to ISH China. The visitors admired the wide selection of fascia of the Smart range while the CABRIO line was praised for the bold style and the smart mechanism which ensures smooth opening and closing the face panel.

7.      "Motors and heat exchangers"

This area was dedicated to the new models of electric motors by Blauberg Motoren offering a great combination of noise insulation and protection against moisture and dust. The visitors were also introduced to heat exchangers by Zern Engineering including the recently launched Нр-ЕХ4 series which features a unique structure of plates made of polystyrene characterised with high thermal conductivity and excellent service properties.