Blauberg presents its latest ventilation technology in Ethiopia

According to our experts who attended this year's event, there is a surge of interest in energy-efficient ventilation products featuring energy recovery technology. While the supply of such products to the local market is still limited, companies with the know-how and a comprehensive product portfolio are in a unique competitive position. In addition to providing a reliable supply of filtered fresh air and extraction of stale air from the treated room, heat recovery air handling units are also capable of minimizing cold losses and reducing the load on air conditioning units.

The Blauberg booth featured a wide range of the company's offerings - in particular:

- Domestic ventilation products:

- Industrial and smoke extraction products:

  • Turbo mixed-type duct fans and Iso-Mix noise-insulated fans, Centro duct centrifugal fans, and Iso-K fans for extracting smoke-saturated hot air.
  • Axis-P axial fan for smoke protection systems

- Heat recovery air handling units:

  • KOMFORT air handling units for ceiling and wall installation
  • VENTO and FRESHBOX series single room ventilation units

- Motors and heat exchangers:

  • enthalpy counter-flow heat exchangers by Zern Engineering
  • centrifugal EC fans with forward and backward-curved blades by Blauberg Motoren including fans in scroll casings and Plug Fans

The booth visitors were also demonstrated the advantages of BlauFast system of semi-rigid air ducts and BlauPlast system of plastic ducts coupled with a KOMFORT Ultra air handling unit. A combination of semi-rigid and plastic air ducts is an efficient and cost-effective solution for arranging a ventilation system in a home to overcome geometrical constraints and provide maximum space savings.

Blauberg products have been successfully used in numerous projects in African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana and many others. This year's Addisbuild trade fair was a powerful springboard opening new exciting cooperation opportunities in the African HVAC market.