Blauberg presents its energy-saving solutions at Nordbygg 2018

From 10 to 13 April 2018 the Swedish capital of Stockholm hosted the Nordbygg 2018, Northern Europe's largest and most important construction industry event. Blauberg, a newcomer to Nordbygg, was the only exhibitor which designs and produces an entire range of ventilation equipment for household, commercial and industrial applications. Therefore, the company’s products on display attracted the attention of numerous Scandinavian companies whose representatives discussed cooperation opportunities in the entire scope of the Blauberg's ventilation business.

Blauberg's presentation at Nordbygg 2018 included a host of its latest products such as the KOMFORT EC air handling units in expanded polypropylene (EPP) casings, the KOMFORT EC S5B270 unit for vertical installation and the KOMFORT EC D5B180 unit for suspended horizontal installation. Representatives of installation companies praised the new models for light weight, compact size and ease of installation. The new units are characterised with high heat recovery efficiency, moderate energy consumption and low noise levels.

The air handling units were displayed with the BlauFast system of semi-rigid air ducts. Being easy and convenient to install, the BlauFast semi-rigid air ducts save installation space and create an efficient system for air stream distribution.

The Blauberg Vento single-room ventilation units with heat recovery were also quite popular with the booth visitors. These units are among the company's best-sellers in Western European countries, especially in Germany. The Blauberg Vento series contains a range of practical solutions for home renovation which remains among the hottest trends in Sweden.

The visitors admired the simplicity of installation of the units which do not require any dedicated air ducting, their excellent heat recovery efficiency and the intelligent automatic systems with WiFi control in the Vento Expert A50-1 W and Vento Expert Duo A30-1 W models.

Blauberg's industrial ventilation products were duly appreciated by industry experts. All the models presented at the booth featured the latest-generation low-energy EC motors. Thanks to these highly capable electric motors characterised with high performance and reliability the air handling units generate minimum noise and demonstrate outstanding energy efficiency.

The company also presented the BlauAir modular air handling unit designed for large offices, exhibition centres, warehouses, supermarkets and other large industrial and commercial spaces.

The visitors were offered a large selection of heat exchangers by Zern Engineering, a member of Blauberg Group, including:

  • Counter-flow plate heat exchangers for heat recovery in balanced ventilation systems.
  • Condensate-free enthalpy heat exchangers capable of high-efficiency recovery of water vapour heat energy.
  • Freeze-resistant and condensate-free rotary heat exchangers capable of maintaining the necessary air humidity level in the serviced space.
  • The company also presented one of its latest products – ZERN Hp-EX4 heat exchanger with a heat recovery efficiency of approximately 90 % owed to a unique design and polystyrene plates.

The booth visitors were also presented a range of products by Blauberg Motoren including compact and energy-efficient AC and EC fans with forward and backward-curved blades as well as high-performance single and double-inlet centrifugal fans in scroll cases.

OEM representatives appreciated Blauberg Motoren products for their high quality and competitive pricing and expressed a keen interest in HRV units, roof ventilators and free cooling systems.