Blauberg Motoren takes part in MCE 2018 – the world's leading event of the HVAC industry

From 13 through 16 March 2018 the Italian city of Milan hosted Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2018 (MCE), the largest international exhibition dedicated to domestic and industrial installations, HVAC&R and renewables. The Blauberg Group booth featured a dazzling range of products from the member companies including Blauberg Ventilatoren, Blauberg Motoren, VENTS and Zern Engineering.

The event visitors had an opportunity to sample a range of state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge innovative solutions for maximum occupant comfort in residential, commercial and industrial spaces such as passive house and smart home concept implementations.

The exhibitors showcased a variety of systems, components and accessories aimed at a discerning audience keen on a balance between low emissions and high performance in compliance with increasingly strict regulations governing the rational use of energy, safety and environmental safeguards.

Throughout the show days the Blauberg team was very busy presenting the group's range of ventilation equipment to distributors, engineers, designers, and other industry experts.

The Blauberg group presentation consisted of a wide range of EC and AC fans designed and engineered by Blauberg Motoren including centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades, centrifugal fans with forward curved-blades and axial fans.

The visitors had a keen interest in the Zentri-PAC series centrifugal fans with backward-curved blades, the new arrivals from Blauberg Motoren. All the models in the series feature energy-efficient EC motors and an upgraded impeller which provides significant aerodynamic and acoustic improvements.  The new models are also compatible with the innovative Plug Fan mounting system which allows easy installation, simple maintenance and secure mounting at any angle.

The visitors were offered a unique opportunity to see a Blauberg Motoren centrifugal fan with an EC motor (BL B190B EC-00) in action in a humid environment (IP55 protection class): the unit pan was filled with water which came into contact with the fan surfaces and went up creating trickle irrigation effect which, however, did not affect the fan operation in any way.