Blauberg Motoren presents its products in Brazil

Blauberg Motoren took part in the annual international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and air treatment fair Febrava Brazil 2017 which was held in the city of Sao Paulo from 12 through 15 September this year.

The event visitors could sample a range of products by Blauberg Motoren including ЕС fans with external rotor (backward and forward curved blades). 

The company also presented a range of these fans in the Plug Fan format which facilitates installation and contributes to their outstanding aerodynamic characteristics. 

The company booth visitors also praised the new series of Blauberg Motoren EC fans and showed a keen interest in AC fans. Despite the conventional design such fans had traditionally enjoyed a steady demand on the Brazilian HVAC market being yet another indication of the country’s importance to Blauberg Motoren.