Blauberg Motoren presents "Centrifugal Fans" catalogue

The Blauberg Motoren range of centrifugal fans has received a dedicated catalogue.

The new catalogue includes models equipped with conventional AC motors and energy-efficient electronically commutated EC motors. AC motors are widely used and offer excellent value for money while EC motors represent the current state-of-the-art and combine high efficiency with optimum control across the entire speed range. The functionality of EC motors can be further expanded by adding a controller to make the fan respond to signals from a temperature or pressure sensor or changes in other parameters.

Each series features fans with forward curved and backward curved blades. Compared to units with forward curved blades, an impeller with backward curved blades is typically characterised with increased efficiency (up to 20 %) and is more resistant to air capacity overloads. However, impellers with forward curved blades offer the same air capacity and pressure as fans with backward curved blades with smaller-diameter impellers, which spin more slowly. This helps to achieve the same level of performance in a more compact overall package with less noise.

The catalogue features fans with impellers made from various materials including PA fibreglass reinforced plastic, galvanised steel, and aluminium for efficient operation under various operating conditions. For example, impellers made from PA fibreglass reinforced plastic are used in high-speed applications or in extremely corrosive environments. Plastic impellers offer outstanding vibration absorption and generate less noise compared to metal units. Steel impellers are well-suited for applications requiring a wide temperature range. And, finally, aluminium impellers, which are more lightweight, are used in larger diameter fans.

The catalogue also includes a variety of fan models in single-inlet or double-inlet scroll casings. The SL-B (new), a recent addition to the range, is quite unique. The SL-B fans feature scroll casings and impellers with backward curved blades – a relatively new trend on the HVAC equipment market. Compared to the more conventional fans in scroll casings with forward curved blades this design contributes to reduced noise and power consumption at a certain increase in the overall dimensions.

For more details about the Blauberg Motoren range of centrifugal fans see the electronic version of the catalogue here.