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ISH 2019 international trade fair organized by Messe Frankfurt took place in the German city of Frankfurt from 11 to 15 March.

This year's ISH was dedicated to intelligent technology and rational use of resources while organising air exchange and water supply.

The Blauberg Group team took an active part in the international trade fair presenting a wide range of equipment under the Blauberg Ventilatoren, VENTS, Zern Engineering, and Blauberg Motoren brands. The main focus of our presentation was on automation of ventilation solutions, application of Internet technology and various energy efficiency improvements.

The presentation included the latest ventilation equipment offerings which benefit from state-of-the-art control technology. The new automatic equipment used in domestic fans, single-room ventilators and air handling units offers outstanding configuration flexibility and the ability to control them from a smartphone or a tablet over a Wi-Fi connection. The new products can be integrated into automated Building Management System or run as a standalone component of a smart home system.

The new automatic control equipment is featured in the following new air handling unit offerings:

  • KOMFORT Roto EC DE250 S25 (new)
  • VENTS VUT 350 VB ЕС A25 (new)

Single-room units:

  • Freshbox E-100 WiFi (new)
  • Freshbox E-200 ERV WiFi (new)
  • VENTO Expert A50-1 S10 W V.2 (new)
  • VENTO Expert DUO A30-1 S10 W V.2 (new)
  • VENTO Expert A30 W V.2 (new)

Domestic fans

  • Smart Wi-Fi (new)

The company experts presented the updated range of  air handling units in expanded polypropylene (EPP) casings. The use of EPP for casings and components of air handling units is relatively new for the industry. Such equipment is characterised with excellent heat and sound insulation, a high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. The KOMFORT EC D5 350 S14, one of the latest offerings by Blauberg Ventilatoren, holds a special place in the family of units in EPP casings. What makes it unique is a casing capable of accepting both a cross-flow or a counter-flow heat exchanger to boost the air handling unit performance or heat exchange efficiency depending on specific application requirements.

Supply ventilation units in EPP casings were represented by the following models:

  • KOMFORT Ultra EC L5 300-H S14 (new)
  • KOMFORT EC D5 350 S14 (new)
  • KOMFORT EC S5(B)270-E S14
  • KOMFORT EC D5(B)180 S14

Industrial ventilation solutions were represented by a wide range of models with diverse functionality for a variety of applications. The booth visitors were shown an array of energy-efficient ducts fans with EC motors (including noise-insulated fans) and models for spaces with stringent air purity requirements.

  • VENTS TT PRO EC – centrifugal and axial fans with energy-efficient motors
  • VENTS VK – centrifugal duct fans with energy efficient motors
  • VENTS KSB – centrifugal fans in compact sound-insulated casings
  • VENTS KSK – centrifugal fans for extracting stale air from the treated room
  • Blauberg Ventilatoren Iso Box-F – noise-insulated model for supply air delivery and filtration (new)

The visitors were also presented a family of smoke-protection ventilation equipment being an integral element of MEP systems of high-rise buildings, shopping centres, production facility or an underground car park. The booth featured the following models:

  • VENTS VPVO – axial pressurisation fan
  • VENTS ICF – fire-resistant pulse fans
  • Blauberg Ventilatoren Axis-Jet – axial jet fan in an eight-faced casing (new)
  • VENTS KPR – air diffuser
  • VENTS KP – fire damper to limit the spread of fire hazards

The booth visitors had a chance to see AIRVENTS air handling units, the supply and exhaust ventilation units for large commercial or industrial spaces, both up close and in action!

The Blauberg Motoren and Zern Engineering brands presented a wide range of fans and heat exchangers, the principal components of most ventilation units.

  • centrifugal impellers with backward and forward curved blades
  • SL-B series centrifugal fans in scroll casings (new)
  • Zentri-PAC series caseless fans (new)
  • rotary heat exchangers
  • plate heat exchangers (including enthalpy-type models)
  • Нр-ЕХ4 series – plate heat exchangers with a polystyrene core (new)

The booth also featured a number of household products including a range of domestic fans by VENTS with a wide selection of decorative panels offered in various shapes and profiles as well as a range of silent energy-efficient fans by Blauberg Ventilatoren.

  • VENTS Ace and Base – (new)
  • Sileo DC – with energy-efficient motors
  • Cabrio Base V2 – with two-speed motors
  • Cabrio Design – with energy-efficient motors and extensive control options
  • Ceileo Compact – low-profile compact fans characterised with low noise and energy consumption for embedded ceiling installation (new)

We would like to thank all the guests of our booth for the time and the fruitful dialogue!