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Dünyasına hoş geldiniz havalandırma ve tahrik teknolojisi!

Blauberg Motoren was born in Munich, Germany, like own direction of fans and motors manufacturing and integral part of Blauberg Group. Starting with manufacturing AC motors with external rotors for own needs, for now Blauberg Motoren produce wide range of motors and fans with EC, AC, DC technology for clients all around the world. Due to our product diversity, we do our best to meet the individual needs of our clients in various countries with the best combination of price and quality.

Medical & Beauty

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Medical & Beauty


Blauberg Motoren offers reliable and innovative solutions to meet the complex needs of patients of all ages. With extensive experience, they develop a wide range of high-quality products, including efficient motors and fans. These technological resources optimize the operation of healthcare and beauty care facilities, ensuring safety, reliability and increased patient satisfaction.